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NoBS Study Guides offer unprecedented brevity and intuitive delivery of course material. Understand the material quickly and masterfully. Our goal is for you to say "I understand all of this now!"

Available freely online for your perusal. Physical copies for purchase are coming soon!

The brevity of NoBS material allows it to also be usable for presentations. Below, we have some slides compiled from NoBS study guides (incomplete):

  • NoBS Calculus: Chapter 1 – Precalculus review [PPTX]
  • NoBS Linear Algebra: Chapter 1 – Systems of linear equations [PDF]

Unfortunately, NoBS doesn't mean error-free. Any errors identified have been listed below. If you catch any errors, send them to

NoBS Linear Algebra, 1st edition

  • On page 37, "communicative" should read "commutative". Similarly, on page 58, "anticommunicative" should read "anticommutative".

NoBS is free for anyone to use and will always be free. If you're interested in contributing content or corrections to any of our released or in-progress guides, please reach out to me! Send an email to

NoBS Study Guides were conceived when I became fed up with the excessive fluff contained in textbooks and the difficulty of finding suitable, intuitive explanations of concepts. NoBS aims to fix that by removing the BS from study guides. (NoBS is pronounced "no B S", not "knobs".)

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