It's finally here. The day that you get your AP scores.

Before you have a panic attack, calm down and drink some warm decaf tea or something.

Here is how this is going to work:

At 7am CDT, when scores first come out, SwiftScore personnel will be attempting to find the
best method to connect to the CollegeBoard website. We have to do this because generally,
regular proxies are blocked, others are in the wrong location. We control the proxies that
we use so your info will be safe. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing what proxies are
recognized by CollegeBoard as able to access the website until 7am. Do not worry though, unless
they amp up their game 100%, your scores should be accessible. We will be using multiple methods
so that we can guarantee your score on Tuesday, July 5.

Once we have a method, we will go down the list and check your score. Once we see it, we will
send you your scores immediately via text message or whatever you used to contact our employees.
Our personnel will download a PDF of your score from the AP Score website and that will be sent
to you later.

Please do not attempt to contact our personnel while they are busy on Tuesday. If they do not
respond, they are just working very hard to get you your score. When they do respond, it will
be your score, or if unforeseen circumstances arise, we will notify you. Worst case scenario,
CB will amp up their detection methods and we won't be able to achieve success but don't worry,
this is very unlikely to happen.

Thank you and enjoy your summer! Sleep tight but wake up at like 7:00am on Jul 5!