New tool now available

Our new browser-based tool is now available. Easier to use, better search, and faster results.

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Select the semester you are interested in, and type in either the subject and course number or the instructor.

Relevant sections will show up below the search form. Select the section you want to view and see its graph appear to the right.



  • No partial matches for instructor name allowed. Must be in format Lastname Suffix,Firstname Middlename (exactly as it appears in system). (Partial matches supported in new tool.)
  • You can only search by either subject + course code or instructor, not both at the same time. Putting both in at the same time results in the instructor field's information to be ignored. (Not an issue in new tool.)
  • No aggregate data available at this time. Data only available per course, per semester, per section, per instructor.
  • Upon further inspection, the data we received from the Registrar's Office is incomplete. We are working with them to fix this issue.

Downloading data

The grade distribution data we have is freely available for your perusal.

Donating to the cause

Grade distributions cost $69.16 per semester to retrieve from the UNT Registrar's Office. Your donations directly fund future grade distribution requests and help students like you choose the best classes.

Send $1 or more to our project leader's Venmo: @jeffw16. All excess money will be used to fund future semesters' requests.

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