Month: June 2016

The bully psyche


This is a touchy subject for me, so expect elaborations that are really deep.

A comment made about a double murder in McKinney, TX recently read like this: “Heat amps up the cray-cray?”


There are certain people who lack common decency when paying respects for murder victims. I don’t think anybody with common sense would condone such disrespectful comments about a murder.

My ideology is that everything’s good until someone gets hurt. Well, this is a perfect example of blatant disregard of others. It evolves into this bullying culture that some people have in their minds. They simply bully without any conscience or regards to others’ feelings or well-being. Is this really funny when you consider that two people just died? Perhaps you may laugh inside but then slap yourself and say “why did I laugh at that?” What’s more important is what one’s conscience says. Let’s just say that if you did slap yourself just then, you do have a conscience; but if you didn’t slap yourself, that means your conscience is screwed up, selfish, and malicious.

If our society’s reliance on reason is correct, then it would be a fair assumption to make that those who cannot give valid reasons to what they said may simply base their arguments on ad hominem statements that intend to make themselves feel better at the expense of others. While humans need to balance their reason with emotion, these bullying statements are often made when reason is needed, not emotion. Such harmful actions as these breed the bullying culture and are dangerous to society.

Most of us may do this without knowing it in one moment, but realize their misdeed the next. Others never have this haunting feeling with them. These people have serious issues. I’m not saying that in a derogatory manner, but they really need help. Either they have been afforded excessive privilege in life and have not had enough real-world experience to realize what pain is, to the point that they simply don’t care about others and are unable to realize their fault, or they have been through trauma and their psyche rebuilds to laugh at these things, to dismiss and to embrace the beast. (Stockholm Syndrome?)

Those who do not care for others should learn to do so, otherwise how can society persist with the free dissemination of hatred and apathy? While some may have free will, we all sacrifice a little bit of our true selves to keep society orderly. Can we really allow this kind of behavior to persist in society?