McKinney ISD Salary Records 2016-2017

Under the Texas Public Information Act, I requested McKinney Independent School District’s salary records of its employees. The data includes hire date, gender, annual salary, location, and job description.

I have uploaded an unmodified version of the file that McKinney ISD sent me, except for the file name. It is available as an Excel spreadsheet. Please let me know if you need it in another format by contacting me through my email address,

Recovering from rejection

After releasing my previous post, which has been viewed over 200 times, I’ve received an outpouring of support from my friends at TAMS. While I’ve been overwhelmed by my rejections, I’ve equally, if not more so, been overwhelmed by the immense amount of kind messages and advice that I’ve received from so many people.

The first question that many people have been wondering was if I’m okay. This is a totally understandable question. Thankfully, my answer is: yes, I am. I was very disheartened and depressed two weeks ago, when I initially received the news. And understandably so. However, I have since recovered from my bout of depression, and for me, writing that blog post was the nail in the coffin on this issue. I needed to grieve (see the Kübler–Ross model) and for me, that blog post showed my grieving (albeit in a quite unorderly fashion).

After grief comes action. Everybody has been encouraging me to move on. I am capable. I am able to lead. If I’m not accepted here, there’s no point in grieving about it here. That’s true. So, I will be moving on.

It will be fine. I am fine now. I will be better than now in the future. Things will only get better.