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Nov 11, 2015 3_04_28 PM
This is me as of November 2015.

My name is Jeffrey Wang. I am from McKinney, TX and I will attend the University of Texas at Austin beginning fall 2018, majoring in Computer Science and Business in the Turing Scholars Program and the Business Honors Program. In 2018, I graduated with honors from the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (TAMS) at the University of North Texas, an early college high school that combined the last two years of my high school career with the first two years of my undergraduate career. While at TAMS, I conducted research in the computer science department, participated in various student organizations (led the Political Awareness Coalition and both led and founded the TAMS Cybersecurity Association), and maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA. I attended McKinney Boyd High School from 9th to 10th grade (2014-2016). I own and operate MyWikis, a wiki hosting service that strives to provide personalized support and the best wiki hosting services that may be offered. I am an academically well-rounded honors student. I particularly enjoy learning history and computer science. I obtained AP Scholar status in 2015 (between freshman and sophomore year), an achievement which is completed by only a few freshmen in my school district; furthermore, I was awarded with AP Scholar with Distinction status in 2016 as a sophomore, which was once again a rare feat. My company MyWikis has taught me how to run a business well and applying my programming skills to real life situations while staying in school. Plus, it’s my source of income! Currently, I am able to code in PHP and Java most fluently. My business uses PHP for many of its different applications and my Java knowledge comes from my participation in Computer Science UIL as well as AP Computer Science and Computer Science 3 courses offered at Boyd. I know HTML and have an intermediate level of CSS and JavaScript (especially jQuery) proficiency as a result of my work on the student-led redesign of the McKinney Boyd High School website (http://mbhs.mckinneyisd.net). I am currently learning Python, but I do not consider myself fluent (nor very good at all!) with the language. In real life, I speak English and Chinese fluently, but more so on the former. I am currently learning French and my level of language comprehension is ACTFL Intermediate Low to Medium. I have also casually picked up some Spanish from the influence of my friends; however, I synthesize weird sentences like “Yo quiero comer las computadoras.” I took the AP Computer Science A and AP Chinese Language and Culture exams in 9th grade as a freshman. On both exams, I obtained a 5, or extremely well qualified. In addition, I took AP Biology in 9th grade and obtained a 4, or well qualified. As a result of these high scores, I gained AP Scholar status in 2015, one of 31 students in the state of Texas who earned this honor in 9th grade. (Source: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap-scholar-counts.pdf) In 10th grade, I took AP Chemistry, Human Geography, and World History, earning a score of 5 on all three AP exams and gaining the award of AP Scholar with Distinction in 2016. Lastly, I can swim, somewhat golf, play some tennis and soccer, and am a first-degree black belt in taekwondo.

My passion

My goal is to create positively meaningful impacts on the world through a multidisciplinary array of changes. My always-present, omniscient curiosity and imagination have led to my pursuit of knowledge and creation. I am a motivated student that is focused on whatever is being taught. No subject bores me, as there is always something to be found within anything taught that stimulates my curiosity, integrating my diverse tastes of each discipline (liberal arts, STEM, fine arts, etc.) into a complete, overall perspective, and using this perspective to discover, imagine, and create. With these comes the natural inner Samaritan in myself. I love helping for a great cause; in fact, my desire to assist others perfectly complements my desire to learn. For example, when I proposed to redesign the McKinney Boyd High School website, my primary motivation was to help the school, especially those behind it. The wonderful faculty and students of the school deserved a better website that demonstrated school pride, allowed for ease-of-access to essential school-related information, and was aesthetically pleasing. As a student myself, I empathized with others that felt the old website did not serve the needs of the school. The counselors also needed to distribute general information about what they do, but were unable to do so for ten years. Today, the website has achieved all of the above goals and addressed the needs of faculty and students. My largest joys during this project came from the ability to create something new, to learn how to create along the way, to experience the finished product by harvesting the fruits of the labor, and most importantly, to help others however I could. I spent countless nights making small improvements to the website. When the website redesign team unveiled it, I was extremely happy about pouring in the hard work as my sacrifice for the betterment of the school. Website designers cost money to hire, but the experience to build your very own school a website is priceless. I have repeatedly demonstrated and intend to continue such passion and willingness to help in the future journeys of my educational and professional career. Create Your Own Visited States Map

About this website

This website is for my personal reflections. I enjoy thinking and reflecting, as it facilitates betterment of myself as a person. We are all slowly developing and learning, so please understand that I am still in a stage of growth and shall always be in such a stage, until I pass and hopefully even after I pass. Therefore, although we may not share the same opinion, please understand where I’m coming from.

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