One-letter abbreviations for days of the week in Romance languages


After some ramblings over the superior usage of R over Th to represent Thursday, I asked myself, how do other languages abbreviate it? Specifically, Romance languages?

In English, a Germanic language, when we use the one-letter system to denote days of the week, standard practice is to use the following:

  • M – Monday
  • T – Tuesday
  • W – Wednesday
  • R – Thursday
  • F – Friday
  • S – Saturday
  • U – Sunday

Days of the week follow a pattern among the various Romance languages. I’ll use Spanish and French as examples.

  • L – Lunes – Lundi
  • M – Martes – Mardi
  • ??? – Miércoles – Mercredi
  • J – Jueves – Jeudi
  • V – Viernes – Vendredi
  • S – Sabado – Samedi
  • D – Domingo – Dimanche

There is an ambiguity with the one-letter abbreviation of Wednesday in Romance language systems, because the words for Tuesday and Wednesday both start with the letter “M”. Since Tuesday comes first, it gets “M”. In order to maintain uniformity among the various Romance languages, I propose the following system for Romance language day of the week abbreviations, because of the lack of my knowledge in how it actually works in areas where Romance languages are used. (If this is actually how it is then I’ll be so happy for a good guess!)

  • L – Monday
  • M – Tuesday
  • C – Wednesday
  • J – Thursday
  • V – Friday
  • S – Saturday
  • D – Sunday
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