Why is cable internet faster than AT&T U-Verse?

You might have heard that AT&T U-Verse uses fiber-to-the-node, versus many cable companies, who probably stop a little earlier than that. But why is U-Verse’s max speed 24 Mbits/second (mbps)?

The reason is simple. AT&T uses DSL cables when the fiber optic cables arrive at the node. Yes, DSL, that slow crap you used to use. (Hopefully you use broadband now, right?…) Verizon, however, has the same set up, except they don’t use DSL at the node! The fiber optic cables arrive directly at the house, converting to coax afterwards.

Why you should boycott Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A, and more specifically, the president of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, is choosing to discriminate homosexuals. While homosexuality may not be right in your opinion, I firmly believe this is more discrimination than belief. Dan Cathy has even said that he is “guilty as charged” for his opposition to homosexuality.

He (and his family) can obviously donate to anti-homosexuality groups, but putting his large company’s profits to a very controversial topic is a bold and threatening move that will obviously deter customers away from their shops, especially in liberal areas. I believe his actions are very wrong and I must criticize him of his wrongdoings.

Please do join me in the boycotting of Chick-fil-A. This is an outrage and definitely discrimination. I hope this all goes to rest soon. Chick-fil-A needs to realize that this isn’t something that a whole company should do; it should be more like a family culture.

Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox – Which one is better for the user, overall?

Disclaimer: This isn’t a post about speed tests. It’s mainly about accessibility.

To be honest, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are all great browsers, no joke. However, it’s hard to say which is better; Firefox has typically been the stronger one, and now it’s Chrome that took the throne. I originally used AOL, but then, learning from the norm, Internet Explorer 6. Well, when I found out about Firefox, I forgot about MSIE . (MSIE is an abbreviation for Microsoft Internet Explorer, now rebranded Windows Internet Explorer. No wonder its market share is lower. I don’t use the abbriviation WIE because it’s not the norm, and it doesn’t look like the norm.) But then, I was introduced to Chrome, when it was just released.

It’s not like Chrome 20; it sucked badly. Chrome 1 always crashed, so I said to myself, “Forget about Chrome, let’s go back to Firefox”. I’ve always been loyal to Firefox since 3.0. Now, it’s already Firefox 14 (albeit its switch to a new speedy versioning system), and it looks like Chrome is very good, as it is literally the new champion – MSIE is no more. Chrome’s market share is now dominant, and there appears to be a consensus, no joke.

Firefox is a great browser, no kidding. It has many add-ons and it’s very customizable. It’s synchronizable, but it’s not connected to anything else than Firefox (and quite possibly Thunderbird; except I don’t use it!).

But Chrome is different. It’s synced, and since I use Google’s services commonly, especially Gmail, it is a great browser for me. It has an app store, and it’s definitely synced with Google Play. I don’t have an Android, but I do use Google Drive. Drive looks promising and beats DropBox ferociously. Good thing I didn’t download it yet.

Microsoft has Bing and its services, but it fails to sync anything, even with MSIE 10. Wait, what? Microsoft has Windows Live and yet it still fails to realize that its preloaded desktop applications won’t work, it’s the BROWSER they have to dig into.

Besides, I’m using (a) Mac (OS X) right now, and IE isn’t cross-platform (anymore); it’s only for Windows. That’s why it fails.

Safari is more interconnected with the OS mainly if you’re using a Mac AND it’s OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion). That can’t do well – Safari’s Windows version obviously fails. Opera isn’t even NEAR Chrome, so it might as well shut down and join Chrome or Firefox.

Poor Firefox. I hope it won’t end like Netscape.

STAAR and TEKS – not a match

Ever since TAKS was replaced with STAAR, I still wonder why TEKS wasn’t changed to STEAR.

  • TAKS – Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills
  • TEKS – Texas Essentials of Knowledge and Skills
  • STAAR – State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness
  • STEAR – State of Texas Essentials of Academic Readiness

Italicized means currently used. Bold means I want to use them.

STEAR was completely made up by me. I want the acronyms to change – if STAAR is with TEKS I think TEKS should say bye bye and join TAKS in the black hole, while STEAR joins. Just thinking.