The struggle with migrating to PHP 7


When PHP 7 was first released, I was very excited to install it on one of MyWikis’ servers. In retrospect, I was too excited to install it—I should have been more patient. Some critical components of our website ended up breaking because they were incompatible with PHP 7. Of course, I hastily reverted back to PHP 5.6 and have kept it that way since.

Today, I’ve been thinking about whether to begin migrating to PHP 7. It has matured and many PHP applications have had time to adjust to PHP 7. The primary application I have in mind is MediaWiki—the lifeblood of MyWikis. Since MediaWiki 1.27.4, it has been fully compatible with PHP 7. It is now viable for MyWikis to initiate an upgrade of PHP on our servers. However, my answer to upgrading is still no.

I truly do look forward to unwaveringly upgrading to PHP 7. However, that day has not yet arrived. Too many legacy web applications are still stuck in PHP 5. Heck, many of them are stuck in PHP 5.3. In fact, 5.3 strikes that sweet balance between old PHP and new PHP (as it only deprecates certain legacy features instead of removing them). I have taken the responsibility of maintaining an old website that my mom wrote in PHP ten years ago (yes, really, in 2008). This website is deeply sentimental to me because my mom made it for an eight year old me. When I restored it back from a backup, it was an honor to fix the PHP errors that had appeared. I assume the website was written in PHP 5.2 standards, so when it was upgraded to 5.4, I had to remove all of the register_globals() functions, LOL!

But my point is, as a businessman whose livelihood depends on PHP, I don’t have the liberty to screw around and upgrade PHP to the latest version whenever I please. I have to consider its compatibility with legacy software that, while not up-to-date yet, is vital to my business. Today is not the day that MyWikis will be upgrading to PHP 7. I don’t think the day will come until PHP 5.6 is completely EOL’d. I do believe this is the best course of action, as upgrading will only bring havoc to our tranquil servers in their status quo and disqualify our servers from handling potentially important legacy software.

Until PHP 5 completely flatlines, MyWikis will not be upgrading to PHP 7.

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