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Spreading laughter one meme at a time.

Courses offered

All unitalicized courses listed below are offered in spring 2020. Italicized courses will be offered in a future semester.

Memeology major core courses:

  1. MEM 301: Introduction to Memeology
  2. MEM 321: History of Memes to 2012
  3. MEM 322: History of Memes since 2012
  4. MEM 331: Meme Economics [QR]
  5. MEM 332: Meme Epidemiology [QR]
  6. MEM 333: Meme Evolution
  7. MEM 334: Meme Psychology
  8. MEM 358K: Ethics and Morality in Memeology [E]
  9. MEM 358L: Diversity in Memeology [CD] [GC]
  10. MEM 358M: Human Sexuality for Memeology
  11. MEM 361: Meme Creation Laboratory I [Wr]
  12. MEM 362: Meme Creation Laboratory II [Wr]
  13. MEM 368: Memeology Self-Study Course [II]
  14. MEM 378: Memeology Capstone Thesis I [II]
  15. MEM 379: Memeology Capstone Thesis II [II]

Memeology major elective courses:

Non-major courses:

Undergraduate students

Majors: 4-year plan

Freshman year

Fall Spring
MEM 301 MEM 321
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum

Sophomore year

Fall Spring
MEM 322 MEM 331 [QR]
Core Curriculum MEM 332 [QR]
Core Curriculum MEM 333
Core Curriculum MEM 334
Core Curriculum Core Curriculum

Junior year

Fall Spring
MEM 361 [Wr] MEM 362 [Wr]
MEM 358K MEM 358L
Core Curriculum Free elective

Senior year

Fall Spring
MEM 378 [II] MEM 379 [II]
MEM 369 [II] MEM 358M
Free elective Free elective

MEM UDEs are memeology upper-division electives numbered 340 to 359 as well as 368.

AS OF THE 2018-2020 CATALOG, ALL MEMEOLOGY MAJORS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE MEM 358M HUMAN SEXUALITY FOR MEMEOLOGY. The Memeology Department Steering Committee recently issued a proclamation establishing this requirement in light of undergraduate memeology majors not being properly educated on human sexuality, leading to a lack of understanding of many memes relating to sexuality.

Memeology minor

The Department of Memeology offers a minor in memeology. In order to earn this minor, the following courses need to be taken:

The minor is open to all majors except for Memeology majors. To apply for the minor, visit UT Direct.


Interested in becoming a memeology major at the University of Texas at Austin? We are a competitive department accepting freshmen, external transfers, and internal transfers.

For more information in general about memeology admissions, visit the University of Texas at Austin's Office of Admissions website:

Freshmen applicants (FrApps)

Admission into the memeology major is a very competitive process. In 2018, over 9,000 students applied but only 69 were accepted, giving us a 0.777% acceptance rate. We accept 69 every year with a close to 100% yield rate due to our exclusive use of a waitlist, unprecedented among other UT departments. Although we are extremely selective, we still encourage anyone who is interested in memeology to apply. The Department of Memeology constantly strives to find the brightest minds to join our world-renowned memeology program.

If you are interested, select memeology as your first choice major on your ApplyTexas or Coalition Application to the University of Texas at Austin. We do not consider those who select us as a second choice major.

Average accepted FrApps' unweighted high school GPA: 4.0

Average accepted FrApps' SAT score: 1600

Average accepted FrApps' ACT score: 36

All FrApps will need to submit an OC (original content) meme portfolio for consideration, containing between 5-10 of your best image memes. You will need to upload this on MyStatus.

External transfers (ExTras)

External transfers, or, as we like to refer to them in the department, ExTras, are very welcome to our department. We accept 18 ExTras every year.

We are looking for applicants who have taken introductory sociology and cultural anthropology classes at their current institution of study.

Average accepted ExTra applicants' GPA: 4.0

All ExTras will need to submit an OC (original content) meme portfolio for consideration, containing between 5-10 of your best image memes. You will need to upload this on MyStatus.

Internal transfers (InTras)

Current UT students may apply in March 2019 to internally transfer into memeology. Please note that applicants who would like to replace their current major with memeology will be given priority consideration over applicants who wish to add memeology as a second major. We accept 18 InTras every year.

Average accepted InTra applicants' GPA: 4.0

There are course requirements one must take before being considered for a memeology transfer. All InTra applicants must have earned an A in either MEM 301 or MEM 303, and preferably a B+ or higher in MEM 320. All InTras will need to take MEM 321 and MEM 322, even if they have already taken MEM 320.

All InTras will need to submit an OC (original content) meme portfolio for consideration, containing between 5-10 of your best image memes. You will need to send this via the MemCentral Applicant Portal on UT Direct.

Graduate admissions

We accept graduate students from any field, especially since memeology is a new field. This includes our M.A. Memeology program and our PhMeme program.

To apply, go to and send your GRE scores to us.

About Texas Memeology

Department description and mission: The Department of Memeology at the University of Texas at Austin is one of the foremost departments in the world dedicated to the study of internet phenomena in the form of internet memes. In addition to providing quality education to undergraduates and graduates on the quickly evolving subject of memeology, the department collectively researches in several key areas of memeology: meme epidemiology, meme economics, and artificial meme creation. The department's progressive stance on memeology and academia can be seen in its unprecedented, trailblazing decisions in the fields of academia and memeology, including releasing the world's first Doctorate of Memelosophy (PhMeme) degree, publishing the Journal of Memeology, and serving as home to the world's first Meme Research Center. The department is also outspoken for its stance against using the term 'memetics' to describe the field of memeology. The cohesiveness of the department and its impressive ability to make leaps and bounds in the field of memeology can be attributed to its Steering Committee, which, unlike many other academic departments, handles administrative decisions of the department swiftly and always in a manner that is representative of the entire department. As of fall 2018, the department is home to 15 full-time faculty, 7 adjunct faculty, 6 staff, 17 graduate students (6 of whom are in the PhMeme program and the remaining 11 in the M.A. in Memeology program), and 420 undergraduate students.

Department chair: Dr. Leroy Jenkins, PhD PhMeme.

Department Steering Committee members: Dr. Harry Q. Bovik, PhD PhMeme; A. Matthew Yankovic, PhMeme; Jae-sang Park, PhMeme; Dr. Satoshi Nakamoto, PhD PhMeme; and Dr. Leroy Jenkins, PhD PhMeme (ex officio in his capacity as department chair).

Department Steering Committee

The Department Steering Committee is comprised of four tenured faculty members and the department chair, serving not only as an ex officio member but also the Steering Committee's chair. It has broad powers to direct the department's administrative decisions, which also influences the general direction of the department's development. The Steering Committee meets once per week privately.

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