UT Austin


UT Austin–UNT Credit Transfer Equivalency Lookup Tool


Credit transfer notes

Only grades above a C will transfer from UNT to UT Austin.

What data does this tool use?

This tool is a frontend form for the UT Austin Automated Transfer Equivalency system. As such, results from using this tool are directly pulled from the UT Austin ATE system and are what UT Austin automatically recognizes as acceptable transfer credit from the University of North Texas. This tool is not a definitive form of information and should not be treated as official nor final. Talk with your advisor for more information.

Possible UT subjects

Note that some subjects have spaces between their letters (e.g. you must input "C S" for Computer Science).

For your convenience, a listing of UT departments has been provided below. If you select a department, its subject code will be filled into the Course Subject field in the above field.

Common UNT subjects

This tool was designed with TAMS students who decide to attend UT Austin in mind. Therefore, only subjects often taken by TAMS students are included below. When you select a subject, it will be loaded into the Course Subject field in the above form.

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