Important notice about this site

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in December 2020. This website is archived and no updates will be made to it. Some of the resources below may no longer work; with the exception of the UT AP Credit Calculator, they will not be updated.


Whether you're a current student or thinking of applying to UT Austin, this collection of resources is at your disposal, sorted by category.

Current students

UT Direct Plus

Your direct link to everything UT. Just one click away.


QuickReg for UT

Keep your class unique numbers in order and in reach for registration.


Schedule Search

A faster schedule search experience for power users.


Schedule Search EZ

A cleaner, easier-to-use interface for searching for class schedules than the regular schedule search page on UT Direct.


UT Registration Day Calculator

Get an estimate of your registration time before it's released on your RIS.


NoBS Study Guides

Study guides for students, by students, for calculus, linear algebra, and probability/statistics. Cut the crap and get to learning.


Texas Government Sample Questions

Prepare for the Texas Government supplemental exam using these sample questions I wrote.


UT Austin AP Credits Calculator

See what UT class credits you receive with your AP credits and how much of the core curriculum you have already completed.


UT Austin IB Credits Calculator

See what UT class credits you receive with your IB credits.


Internal Transfer Tool

Learn how to internally transfer to your desired major.


University of North Texas

These are some tools I created while I was a student at UNT for the use of UNT students.

UT-UNT Credit Transfer Equivalency

See what your UNT credit transfers to UT as and vice versa.


UNT Finals Schedule

Find out what your finals schedule will be like.


For my classes


Track your commit or your test case on the submission server with analysis.


Developer resources

These resources are provided for developers and are not meant for the typical end user. IP Address Verification

Check if your IP address belongs to UT Austin (AS18).


UT EID Verifier

Using the public UT directory, verify whether an EID is associated with one's name or not.


Miscellaneous resources

UIL Results

Easily search for official UIL academic meet results.